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Mock Election Results 2016

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History Bee Competition form

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The overarching goal of social studies instruction is to prepare students to be knowledgeable, informed, and active citizens in an increasingly diverse community and nation and interdependent world. Social Studies programs exist to promote civic competence and ensure that the values and ideals that have shaped our democratic republic continue to be instilled in our youth.

Financial Literacy Civics Support Civics Support
Current News
History Labs Civics in a snap
local history Digital Training

Florida Civics Project Field Test – Selected Teachers

Department Chairperson Meeting 12-13-16

Instructional Resources

Mock Election Results 2016

Election 2016

November 8 PD

4th and 5th grade teacher academy

October 3rd and 12th PD

2017 Middle School Mock Trial case packet
2017 High School Mock Trial case packet

Synergy 2016

MS Sequence of Courses

ELA Elementary ICAD Support

SHS AP Online Resources

Miami Dade_AP Social Studies OLC Teacher Access Information * (password protected) Email Here from district email to obtain password

U.S. History Academy

U.S. History Office Mix Presentation
US Academy Presentation January 18th-Final
USH Academy Agenda January
G2D Reports jigsaw graphic organizer

National Archives PD

ELL Nov 16

USH Academy Agenda 3
Block Note Taking
Cornell Note taking
Court Case Schenck
Writing Rubric
Word War I vocab
Analyzing Student Work
USH Academy Agenda 2
ELLUS History Academy October 2016
Introduction to G2D-Training
REVISED_ESOL Strategies Matrix
USH Academy Agenda 1
Updates to 11th grade us history
C-E-R Activity
Item Specifications Presentation US History_Miami Dade
PP Gateway book



Civics Leaders’ Institute

Civics Office Mix Presentation
3.10 lesson to accomp FLREA ppt
Types of American Law flip book

January 20 ELL

G2D Reports jigsaw graphic organizer
Civics Leaders Institute Jan 20 2017 revised
Benchmark Correlations to Gateway to American Government

National Archives PD

November 18 SS PD

Lesson 2.11

Assessment Achievement Level Descriptions
S.Studies.Sentence Starters
REVISED_ESOL Strategies Matrix
REVISED_ESOL Strategies Matrix.CODES Only
Teaching Content to English Language LearnersOCT.2016Revised
Analyzing Student Work
political party template
Evaluating Political Candidates_2.9
Democratic and Republican Parties hand out
Civics Agenda 2
Field Trips Title III Cultural Academy for New Americans (CANA) for Recently Arrived Immigrant Children and Youth (Breifing-20203) ELLUS History Academy October 2016
Introduction to G2D-Training
REVISED_ESOL Strategies Matrix
Civics Leaders Institute Agenda
Item Specifications Presentation Civics
PP Gateway book
C-E-R Activity


Agenda Civics Leaders Institute March 12
Teachers Resrouces - Gateway Book (password protected)
Agenda Civics Leaders Institute February 5 OPTION 2
Agenda Civics Leaders Institute January 15
Text Structure Writing Frames Examples
Weekly Lesson Plan
Daily Lesson Plan Template
AmericanGovernment_Concept Maps
GatewayAG_ Errata_first printing.pdf
AG Answer Key Revised (password: getsmart)
AG Answer Key (password: getsmart)
Agenda 7th Civics Leaders Institute Dec 4th
Bill of Rights 2.4
lesson planning
Graphic Org_Civics PD
Strategies_Civics PD
WIDA Supports p 20-24
Civics Curriculum Wheel with Getting to the Point.jpg
Horrible Histories - Epic Magna Carta Rap Battle - CBBC.mp4
Agenda Civics Leaders Institute October 16th
My Learning Plan how to

Benchmark Reviews

Civics Leaders Institute Agenda
History Lab SS 7 C 1 3 Dec of Ind
Civics Lesson for ELL's
C-E-R Instructions
C-E-R Activity 2
Civics Content Focus 2015


Law Studies Institute

Law Academy Agenda 1-19
Law Academy Agenda 10-18 revised
2017 Middle School Mock Trial case packet
Mock Trial Middle School Rules
2017 High School Mock Trial case packet
Mock Trial Senior High School Rules
2016-2017 WTP High School state hearing questions
2016-2017 WTP Middle School hearing questions




iCivics Leaders Institute

6th Grade Academy

Voter Registration


Best Practices Quick Start


Vocabulary Replay


Miami Dade Council for the Social Sciences

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