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The African American Voices Curriculum Guide was developed to ensure implementation of the 1994 legislative mandate requiring the teaching of African American history in grades Pre-K - 12. It is past time for including all the nation's chronicled events. What was, and what is yet to come must be told from perspectives that are reflective of this country's diversity. An integral part of the American culture and history is routinely omitted from curriculum, textbooks, and instruction in many classrooms.

Black History

The impact and contributions of African Americans to the American and world culture can no longer be ignored. The history of America is the history of her people. Therefore, the accurate history of Africans and African Americans must be shared.
The teaching of African American history has been an ambition of many teachers in Dade County Public Schools. In the past, some teachers have given black history instruction to their students during the month of February. Few have taught the black experience, the enslavement of Africans coming into the new world, or the challenges faced by African Americans today.

Black Senators

The African American Voices Curriculum Guide was developed after meeting with subject area supervisors from social studies, mathematics, science, language arts, art, music, and a team of seven educators who researched, collected and accessed historical data for inclusion in the document. In addition, several authorities in the field of African American history were consulted. Whenever possible, African American historical information is linked to the existing Dade County Public Schools’ Competency-Based Curriculum competencies and objectives; however, the absence of existing competencies and objectives did not preclude the inclusion of information critical to the black experience in American history
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