ABC’s of African/African American History African Drumming
Adinkra Symbols Bahamians in Florida
Following the Path of Harriet Tubman The Climate Zones of Africa
Haitian Cultural Literacy Using the Internet
Introduction to Afro-Cuban Jazz Jackie Robinson

Kente Cloth

Plessy v. Ferguson and Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka, Kansas
The Pan-African Flag Reading and Writing Folktales in Gullah (Sec)
Reading and Writing Folktales in Gullah (Elem) West African Griot



African American Folk Tales African American Scientist Fair
African American Timeline: A Century of Struggle African Americans and the Constitution
The Amistad Trials Atlas of Africa
Class Encyclopedia of Ancient Africa Diversity within the Black Community
David Walker’s Appeal Dred Scott Decision
Florida Civil Rights History:Harry T. & Harriette V. Moore (Middle) Juneteenth
Myths, Tales, and Epics Recognizing Political Leaders



Antonio Maceo: The Titan of Bronze African American Response to the Italian Invasion of Ethiopia
Black Immigration Issues in the U.S.
Blood Diamonds and How They Affect Us KRS One meets Dr. Carter G. Woodson
The Birth of Zulu Nation and Hip Hop Culture Commemoration Gallery for Haitian Heritage Month
Countering “Self-Destruction”
Florida Civil Rights History:Harry T. & Harriette V. Moore (High) Juneteenth
The Garvey Movement Langston Hughes
Outlining Three Great West African Civilizations Political Cartoons in the Antebellum South
Spinning Frederick Douglass and Abraham Lincoln Struggle for Independence "The Story of Eric Williams"
The Reparations Debate The Underground Railroad
Ujamaa: Applying Cooperative Economics in our Neighborhoods Women in the Civil Rights Movement
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