Each year, all schools in the District are required to submit an African American History Information Update form (FORM) to Curriculum and Instruction, Social Sciences.  The form, or action plan, outlines the school’s specific efforts to support the study of African American history throughout the school year and throughout the curriculum.  The form also provides the school with the opportunity to request professional development and other resources from Curriculum and Instruction (Social Sciences).  This District-developed form helps staff monitor compliance with the requirement while also allowing staff to determine school needs in the area of African American history.

All schools are required annually to select an African American history advocate and an alternate advocate to provide leadership for this important requirement.  Advocates serve as school liaisons to the District and attend regularly scheduled meetings, professional development workshops, and special programs and events.  Additionally, Advocates receive regular updates on curriculum and special programs through an e-mail network coordinated by the District Supervisor for African American History.  Advocates are responsible for sharing the information they receive regarding curriculum and special programs with the school’s administrators and teachers.  The advocates also network and share best practices with one another.

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