Social Sciences Civics in a Snap

Civics in a Snap Lessons: Developed in collaboration with The Florida Joint Center for Citizenship, provide teachers with a stand-alone lesson plan, designed to be implemented in approximately 15 minutes, in order to provide instruction that infuses Civic knowledge and dispositions encouraging both literacy and Civic benchmarks/standards mastery. Please see K-5 Social Science pacing guides, timelines, and/or year at a glance for specific references to the timing of when Civics in a Snap lessons should be implemented.

All Kindergarten files in one PDF document (print version)

Kindergarten- Good Citizen.docx
SSKC1.1 What are rules and why are they important.docx
SSKC1.2 Why are rules important.docx
SSKC2.1 Why are school rules important.docx
SSKC2.2 How to resolve conflicts.docx
SSKC2.3 Making fair decisions.docx

1st Grade
All First grade files in one PDF document (print version)

1st grade- School Rules.docx
SS1C1.1 What are some school rules.docx
SS1C1.2 Who has the authority to make school rules.docx
SS1C1.3 Power without authority.docx
SS1C2.1 Student responsibility in school and community.docx
SS1C2.2 What makes a student a responsible citizen in school.docx
SS1C2.3 How can students make schools better places.docx
SS1C2.4 How can you show kindness to people andanimals.docx
SS1C3.1 How can conflicts be resolved in fair ways.docx
SS1C3.2 What are symbols that represent the U.S..docx

2nd Grade
All Second grade files in one PDF document (print version)

2nd grade- Responsible Citizenship.docx
SS2C1.1 Why Form Governments.docx
SS2C1.2 What happens when there are no rules.docx
SS2C2.1 Path to Being a Citizen.docx
SS2C2.1 Path To Being A Citizen.pptx
SS2C2.2 Responsible Citizenship.docx
SS2C2.3 First Amendmnet Rights.docx
SS2C2.4 Citizen Responsibility to Community.docx
SS2C2.5 Individual Contributions to Society.docx
SS2C3.1 Constitution and Structure of Government.docx
SS2C3.2 Symbols of the U.S..docx

3rd Grade
All Third grade files in one PDF document (print version)

SS3C11 Purpose of Government.docx
SS3C12 Government's Power from the People.docx
SS3C13 US Government- Constitution.docx
SS3C21 Civic Virtue.docx
SS3C31 Levels of Government.docx
SS3C32 Organization of County Government.docx
SS3C33 State Constitutions.docx
SS3C34 US Constitution- Supreme Law.docx

4th Grade
All Fourth grade files in one PDF document (print version)

SS4C11 Florida's Constitution.docx
SS4C21 Everglades FINAL DRAFT.docx
SS4C21 Florida’s Ocean Water.docx
SS4C22 Ciitzens Solve Problems.docx
SS4C23 Citizens Impact Society.docx
SS4C31 Florida's 3 Branches of State Government.docx
SS4C32 Florida's State and Local Government Structures.docx
4C32 Florida's State and Local Government Structures.pptx

5th Grade
All Fifth files in one PDF document (print version)

SS5C11 Shay's Rebellion.docx
SS5C12What is a Constitution.docx
SS5C13 Origin and Definition of Rights.docx
SS5C14 Articles of Confederation.docx
SS5C14 Grievances in the Declaration of Ind.docx
SS5C15 Individual Rights Bill of Rights.docx
SS5C21 Separatists and Loyalists during Am Rev.docx
SS5C22 Colonial Political Participation Compared to Today.docx
SS5C23 Voting Rights Amendments.docx
SS5C24 Importance of Civic Responsibilities.docx
SS5C25 International Relations.docx
SS5C31 Organization of Federal Government.docx
SS5C32 Limits to Federal Government Power.docx
SS5C33 Powers Granted to State and Federal Govts.docx
SS5C34 Amending the US Constitution.docx
SS5C35 Fundamental Rights in BOR.docx
SS5C36 Role of Courts Citizen Disputes.docx



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